Pilot Reactors

All R & D works, production simulations and exclusive designs for pilot production …

For pharmaceuticals, paper, paint and varnish, food and beverage, petrochemical, polymer and chemical and in pilot production for R & D and in alloy steel such as complex stainless steel or Hasteloy (SS 304, SS 316 / L / Ti, Hasteloy, special alloyed stainless steel) pilot reactor systems are manufactured with unique craftsmanship and presented to our customers.

With each part manufactured in high sensitivity, pilot reactors of 1 liter to 500 liters and desired capacities/specifications are used in different sectors and fields.

Derya Krom continues to grow with valuable business partners by this new generation of pilot reactors. With innovative, high in quality and right in price attitude you can rely on our experience over 30 years without any doubt.

Pilot Reactors manufactured by Derya Krom are expected to serve with superior quality and strength with these features mentioned in both R & D and production operations. We are not only a manufacturing seller but a reputable solution partner for all of our valued business partners.