R & D and Tubitak Projects

Our company, which keeps project research and development as one of its main objectives, works both at the TUBİTAK Marmara Research Center and at National Universities to ensure a better development for our industry and country.

Derya Krom accomplishes important projects within the scope of University-Industry cooperation which is one of the most important elements to contribute to our country’s industry.

Our company, which makes industrial R & D studies for companies in various fields, provides consultancy services for TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1501 within the scope of National Industrial R & D Projects Support Program as well as providing direct services in R & D Projects as well as all documentation procedures for support process.

For this:

Pre-application preparation,

Preparation of the necessary documentation for the head office,

Preparation of presentations and reports for audiences and referees after submission,

Preparation of final reports and preparation of presentations,

and we provide consulting throughout the entire support process, such as reporting for the closure of the project.

Some of the manufacturing works carried out within the scope of R & D Projects are listed below:


Pilot Reactor- Filtration-Liquefying (Homogenizer) System – TUBITAK MAM, İstanbul, Gebze

The resin reactor is a complicated system in which the triple filtration, mixing and shredding continues until the final product stage in the batch operation. The materials used are selected from the appropriate stainless steel grades for the purpose of the operation and are manufactured according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards and controlled by the PLC system. The product is manufactured with computer support. Project consultancy, commissioning and services were provided by our company.

Fermentation Tanks – Selçuk University, Konya

The system with PH and heat control, steam generator, peristaltic pump and special valve is designed by us and is also PLC supported, designed for the vaccine sector and manufactured according to the necessary hygiene conditions. Project consulting, operation and support services were provided by us.

Steam Explosion System – Düzce University, Düzce

Dual boiler steam explosion system consists of instantaneous transfer of the first boiler under high pressure (25 bar) to the second boiler under vacuum, molecular explosion with pressure change and temperature effect (250 C). The vacuum pump steam generator (specially designed) and boiler systems used in the system were designed by us.

Rotary Vacuum Filter – Tubitak MAM, İstanbul Gebze

In Bentonite Improvement Project, a Revolving Drum Vacuum Filter was produced in a 5 m² area with a filtration capacity of 3 microns. Project management, operation and support services were provided by us.

Vacuum Vessel (E-4 Torr) – Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta

Vacuum system and vacuum vessel were manufactured for Süleyman Demirel University for Special Processes and Projects. Project management, operation and support services were provided by us.