Choosing, designing, manufacturing, installation and start-up of reactors…

The reactor systems that constitute the central point of the chemical reactions, one of the indispensables of the chemical industry, are also manufactured by Derya Krom with high technology, knowledge and precise tolerance. According to the specified standards or customer requirements, the design of the reactor system is made custom to meet the requirements of the whole process.

The reactors, which operate under heavy conditions required by the chemical reactions, work in different sectors from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals, from paper to food and beverage sector; are specially designed and manufactured in the conditions of desired pressure and temperature. Derya Krom’s universal reactor manufacturing process is handled with a complete project management understanding in every step, resulting in a turnkey solution which can be delivered to the customers right on time.

Every piece of equipment required by the industry comes to life with the understanding “Our products are our customers’ jewelery”. In that respect, every piece that we produce is processed and assembled in jewel production sensitivity.

Derya Krom has continued to meet the demands and requirements of its customers after sales with its fast service understanding and has accepted to work as a solution partner for its customers in every sense, being not just a manufacturer and a seller.

Universal reactors can be prepared as turnkey applications in specifications ranging from 1.000 liters to 50.000 liters of volume, to meet customer expectations. You can get all the advantages of stainless steel with the reactors manufactured by Derya Krom at the price of carbon steel. You will not be waiting longer since the more advanced production, superior performance and quality is waiting for you with all the ‘added value’.

Some of the application areas of the reactors are:

  • D.O.P. Plants,
  • P.V.Ac. Plants,
  • Alkyd Resin Facilities,
  • Epoxy Resins
  • Acrylic Resins
  • Textile Chemicals
  • Cosmetics

We produce reactors which are ready to use for polyester resin and many other fields. It responds to the various requirements of the facilities.

1.000 lt-50.000 lt Reactors


Reactor Capacities: 1.000 – 50.000 Liter

Temperature: 270C˚

Pressure: -1 / 10 bar (can be changed according to demand)

Surface Quality: Mirror Polishing

Sealing: Soft or mechanical seal, according to the application.

Reactor Heating – Cooling Systems


a) Jacket Type:

Used in processes that is in low temperature reactors in low-capacity reactors.


b) Half Serpentine / w.Spiral Reactors :

In high temperature conditions heat transfer oil is applied with fluids such as steam.

c) Internal Serpentine Reactors :

They are used in processes requiring instant cooling with high pressure and heat.

d) Resistance Heating Reactors :

In places where high temperature is required, resistive systems are applied as an option. Application range is wide in Pilot Reactors where temperatures of 500 ºC to 600 ºC are required.