Filter Groups

Filter systems, which are important parts of Chemical and Physical Processes, emphasize themselves with the quality craftsmanship of Derya Krom now… 

Filtration, which is only a step at the endless aspects of Chemical and Physical Processes, can be gathered under many headlines, including specific ones. With Filter Systems produced by Derya Krom, as a solution partner, engineering services, which are indispensable parts in most processes are also provided to the customers in the field of filtration. Filter Systems which are being manufactured in this scope are listed below. Filtration can be done up to 0.1 micron with special designs made for special requirements or standard manufacturing.

Be assured that the pictures you see below are the bacterias that you will never want to wander in your office. It is not hard at all to remove them with filter materials applied to our filter groups which are completed with our special design and superior craftsmanship.


Derya Krom accepts all services and products as unique jewelry for their customers and and provides resources to ensure continuous and sustainable development in its work.