Innovative ideas for dispersion

Dispersion process has many fields and usage areas practically. It is mainly based on chemical and physical change. Based on the process industry, up-to-date information on the mixing process is changing and developing day by day. Mixing devices are needed in the sectors of chemistry, food, medicine, mining, paint, cosmetics and so on. Mixing systems are designed in different shapes due to the diversity of the materials in the nature.

Chemical mixtures that we can categorize as homogeneous and heterogeneous are formed by combining two or more substances without losing their chemical properties. While these blends are often not obtainable by ordinary techniques, there are cases where special techniques are required. Homogenizers are therefore used on a large scale from the food sector to the cosmetics sector, from the pharmaceutical sector to the chemical sector and to the mining sector.

Dispersing process; the reduction of solid particles or droplets by the homogenizer and microstructure is the process of homogeneously bonding the dust particles to each of these micro-dimensions. Turbodisp offers a major modernization by collecting big bags in a single system, such as discharging big bags without dusting and loss, proportioning the doses of the dusts (dosing) and getting wetting results completely without lumps. In addition, production time and costs have been minimized (up to 50% energy saving) and are completely avoided from the partial process steps. With the new generation rotor system, not only the powder is supplied into the liquid, but it also provides homogeneous distribution in the liquid by compressing it with high pressure in the cell. As a result, lump-free products, better reactivity, greater raw material efficiency and increased product quality are achieved.


Such systems are based on the principle of sequential dispersion. The rotor-stator system compresses and distributes in the cell by the kinetic energy generated by the liquid at high speed. The liquid flowing through the distributor cell through the high flow rate towards the tank creates a large induction vacuum. This vacuum is soaked directly in the liquid from any possible dust feed chamber without any contamination or loss of dust. Induction can be made directly from paper bag, powder hopper, container, Big-bag or silo. After homogenous powder induction, the product which is compressed and circulated in the cell is released in a short time to the final product.

Fluid distribution leads to a large amount of widening of the liquid surface used for wetting. Vacuum causes the air in the dust to expand to several times its original size. The distance between the powder particles increases proportionally, providing penetration and increasing wetting capacity of the liquid. Even if it is difficult to wet dust, it can be applied to suddenly swelling or sticking dust without any problem.

With Derya Krom TURBODISP, as explained above, it offers to distribute the powder more homogeneously with high-tech, advanced technology in the mix at high speed and in line to shorten the dispersion process. The specially designed helical rotor / stator system allows high viscosity fluids without an intermediate pump to be dusted and the helical forms of the rotor structure make the fluid 3 times more homogenous, saving energy and time. At high speed, zero clumping with maximum compression within the cell allows for high homogenization. TURBODISP series homogenizers are appealing to many sectors with cost effective solutions in liquid-powder, liquid-liquid, liquid-gas mixtures.

Our founder Aydın Kalaycı has blended the experience of more than 30 years with the modern age technology by embracing his statement “All the products that we make are our customers’ jewels“. Our new jewelry is TURBODISP.

As Derya Krom, our main goal with TURBODISP is to save time and energy, to increase quality, to load dust, liquids or gases which can be harmful to human health easily.

TURBODISP’s helical rotor system is designed and manufactured entirely with domestic capital and we are proud to present our innovative ideas in-line high dispersion to your concern.

Scope of the application:


Food Cosmetics Medicine Chemical Dye
Salad Sauce Tooth Paste Ointments Artificial Paintings Paints
Infant Formula Shampoo Tablet Covers Detergents Off-Set Print Inks
Dairy Products Natural Cosmetics Cough Syrup Fertilizers Textile Dye
Aromatics Shaving Soap Gelatins Fibers and Foil