Durable, long lasting, reliable products are manufactured with superior after sales services in mind. Parallel with all our work and services, tanks and silos are manufactured as a result of a detailed project management process; start-up, delivery and installation steps are handled with great care.

Horizontal or vertical raw material storage tanks

Derya Krom has been serving its customers with tank and pressure boiler manufacturing for over 25 years. APIs and ASME standards are taken into consideration as main requirements.

Production process results in horizontal or vertical storage tanks of different specifications that serve different sectors of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium or chrome nickel alloys according to customer requirements and related specifications.

Tanks are manufactured to 20 mm wall thickness, to 5,000 mm diameter and to process pressure up to 30 barG pressure tanks. Tanks with different capacities and specifications are manufactured according to customer requirements.



The storage tanks which are manufactured on the ground, underground, cylindrical or prismatic can be installed anywhere depending on the volume and the ground conditions of the system to be built.
In our manufacturing, pressurized and mixable options are available and can reach up to 250 m³ of capacity.