Project Design and Engineering

According to the P & ID and Flow Chart / flow charts determined parallel to the process, factory design, plant and equipment layouts in 2 or 3 dimensional environment according to the specification of special and standard equipment are managed project based by our company according to the Project Management principles with directions from our customers. Accordingly, manufacturing, assembly and other services are planned and implemented and managed according to Project Management principles. The work to be done and done is reported to the customers within a certain business plan.

Within this frame, we can group our services as follows:


  • Equipment decisions for facilities, specification planning and production design that matches national and international standarts.
  • Material storage, (horizontal and vertical tanks, silos and special design tanks) and transport systems designs,
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of special process equipments. You can see the products in the relevant section.

1. Reactors

2. Filtration Equipment

3. Blenders and Mixers

4. Homogenizers

5. Tanks and Silos

6. Installation Piping

Process Control

  • Control Panel Design,
  • Control System Design,
  • PLC Programming,
  • Connection Systems Configuration and Communication Design
  • Additional management centered manufacturing management installation