History Of Our Company

Founded in 1986, Derya Krom is a dynamic and innovative company with the approach of high-quality service principles. The company has pioneered the market in the areas of stainless steel, interior design elements, interior and exterior rails, yachts, plazas and business centers, which are applied to various architectural designs. After 1989, company has set its sources for the chemical sector, continued its services with the projects carried out for various fields such as tanks, reactors, pressure vessels, mixers, pilot plant applications and sector laboratories.

The chemistry and pharmacy industry, laboratories, universities and research institutes constitute the majority of our business partners. By the requests of our customers, all necessary services are provided by us from the laboratory pilot scale facilities (1-1.000 liters) to industrial plants with large production volumes (1-100 m³).  All project management that varies from designing, manufacturing and assembly from start-up to delivery are all provided by us.

Derya Krom is the leading provider of technical consultancy, engineering works, custom and standard designs, feasibility reports, factory layout plans, pre-pricing reports, necessary equipment lists, manufacturing, assembly, start-up, turn-key solution systems, training and other services for both local and international markets.